10”Chuck/3.0”Bar Capacity, High Rigidity Box Way, Horizontal CNC Lathe
Main Structure
Programmable Tailstock
Fanuc 0i-TF
Chip conveyor with water tank
Power Turret (Optional)
Main Structure
• Max. turning diameter Ø 400 mm.
• Max. turning length 750 mm.
• Using high rigidity box guideway.
• 30° Slant-Bed.
Lowering the center of gravity of the turret increases the stability of the machine and balances the cutting force and stability. The design of bed water flow direction structure makes the coolant gather at the lowest place and smooth chip discharge.
• Monobloc Meehanna Cast Iron (GB300) Bed.
Stress relieved treatment, no deformation concerns, can increase the rigidity and stability of the machine. The weight of the bed and the thickness of the structure are sufficient to withstand heavy cutting loads.
• Programmable Tailstock.
• Using FANUC αP series wide-range spindle motor can provide high torque at low speed.
• Fanuc 0i-TF controller / 8.4” LCD.
Programmable Tailstock
• Tailstock movement is programmed to match the machining operation, which makes the operation easier.
• Spindleless tailstock design to avoid spindle fitting errors.
• MT#5 Morse Taper Live Center.
The spindle uses high precision Angular contact ball bearing and roller bearings, which are suitable for high speed precision cutting and low speed heavy cutting. The spindle is highly stable in radial machining.
Fanuc 0i-TF
Equipped with 8.4" color LCD screen with 640MB memory, easy-to-understand operation, graphic display, dynamic simulation, rigid tapping, tool life management.
Chip conveyor with water tank
According to the processed material, it is possible to choose between hinge type or scraper type chip conveyors.
Power Turret (Optional)
• Using Duplomatic 12T power turret imported from Italy.
• Powered by FANUC α2 spindle motor 2.2 / 3.7 kW.
• Specification of tool holder: VDI-30 Axial / DIN-5480.
• O.D. Turning Tool Size □ 25 mm; I.D. Turning Tool Size Ø 40mm
With the C-axis function of the spindle and the use of axial and radial tool holders. The power turret can be used for milling, Boring, tapping, and other machining operations. Demonstrate the high efficiency of turning and milling combined function.
Max. Processing Range
External Dimensions
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