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Turning, Milling, Drilling, and Boring, Multi-tasking in One Machine
Satisfy Various Needs
The CNC multi-tasking machine integrates turning, milling, drilling, and lining processes into a single machine. This reduces the need to switch between different machining methods, which can cause human errors and increase the cost of fixtures and fittings.
CNC multi-tasking machines mainly process circular workpieces, such as rings and bars. This technology has evolved from lathe machining and uses Computer Numerical Control (CNC) to control machine actions. CNC turning and milling multi-tasking machines use control panels and machining programs to communicate with computers and tooling machines, ensuring accurate and stable mass production while avoiding human errors.
Kuen Jeng Machinery has developed a CNC multi-tasking Machine that can meet the needs of precision machinery parts processing and manufacturing, including automobile and motorcycle parts, medical parts, hardware parts, and other precision machining.