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Three brothers, Liu Yao-Hui, Liu Zhi-Cheng and Liu De-Cai, purchased the first traditional lathe in 1975, and initially focused on OEM parts. In 1978, they established KUEN-HUEI INDUSTRIAL CO., Ltd. and gradually began to produce their own automatic lathe parts, and researched and developed ways to make the parts more durable, and to this day, KUEN-JENG’s spindles and tool holder slide are still synonymous with durability.


The CNC multi-tasking machine integrates turning, milling, drilling, and lining processes into a single machine. This reduces the need to switch between different machining methods, which can cause human errors and increase the cost of fixtures and fittings.


Perfect quality comes from taking care of the details. From raw material inspection to machining, testing, finished product assembly, delivery and every other procedure in the production process, we have to go through professional testing and strict quality control to ensure that each lathe is free from defects. Strict quality control can prolong the life of the machine and increase the function and value of our machines.

Turning, Milling, Drilling, and Boring, Multi tasking in One Machine,
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