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KL-42N / KL-42Y
Ø42, Sliding Head, Double Spindle, Double Y-Axis, Multi-Tasking CNC Lathe
Main Structure
Main Radial Live Tool
Back-Working Tools
Main Axial Live Tools
Optional With 6 O.D. Turning Tools
Pneumatic Brake
Rotary Hydraulic Cylinder.
Main Structure
• Max. turning diameter: Ø 42mm.
•  Max. Turning Length per Chuck: 80mm
• Main and sub spindles use Din6343, 173E collet.
• Sliding Head spindle.
No need to use rotary guide bushings, which can shorten the residual material.
No need to use cold drawn bar.
Saves processing cost.
• Clamping force is provided by a rotary hydraulic cylinder.
It can provide strong and powerful clamping force.
• Fanuc 0i-TF controller / 10.4” LCD.
Main Radial Live Tool
• The radial live tool is increased to 6 pieces with high rigidity ground gear, which can be more efficient and stable speed to improve milling stability when the cutting volume is larger.
• It can do C-axis + Y-axis contouring, rounding, milling, eccentric drilling, eccentric tapping and other milling functions.
Back-Working Tools
• 8 (KL-42Y) / 4 (KL-42N) can be freely fitted with live or fixed tool holders according to the requirements.
• Fixed tool holder: Available for all kinds of internal and outer diameter turning functions.
• Live tool holder: Various milling functions of CS axis + Y-axis function (KL-42Y). Y-axis travel ±100mm.
• O.D. turning tool size:
16 mm。
Main Axial Live Tools
• O.D. Turning Tool: 5 (
16 mm).
• 5 支內孔刀 (Ø 25 mm / ER20)。
• 6 支端銑動力刀 (ER20)。
Optional With 6 O.D. Turning Tools
• O.D. Turning Tool: 5 → 6 (
16 mm)
• I.D. Turning Tool: 5 (Ø 25 mm / ER20).
• Axial Live Tool : 6 → 3 (ER20).
Rotary Hydraulic Cylinder
Clamping force is provided by a rotary hydraulic cylinder, which can provide a strong clamping force and improve cutting stability and one-sided cutting volume.
Pneumatic Brake
Spindle positioning with pneumatic Brake ensures high positioning precision.
External Dimensions
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